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“Believing in young people/Credu mewn pobl ifanc”.

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Ty Gwyn Education Centre is a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) and is part of the Local Authority's provision for children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Children and young people whose needs cannot be met by their mainstream school setting are referred to an LA panel where learners are discussed and if criteria are met, the learner is offered a place at Ty Gwyn.


Learners remain registered with their mainstream school and where appropriate and supported by evidence, will be offered the opportunity to reintegrate.


Learners in Y10 and 11 (known as Key Stage 4) would not usually reintegrate into a mainstream setting due to the complex pathways to accredited qualifications and GCSEs.


Prior to starting at Ty Gwyn, our Reintegration and Assessment Coordinator Kelly Fowler and Family Engagement Officer Damian Petts will contact the parents or carers and arrange a visit to Ty Gwyn, or if appropriate to the home. An Admission Pack will be completed at this point to ensure Ty Gwyn has all the information required and that both learner and parents/carers are fully aware of school values, expectations, policies and procedures and if appropriate a risk assessment and Positive Handling Plan. The information collected is used and stored in accordance with the data protection rules (please see our Privacy Notices section).