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Dragonsavers with Credit Union

Are you a saver or spender?!

This term you can open a savings account in school called Dragonsavers, with the local Credit Union. Credit Union is a friendly type of bank, run locally and there to support both saving and when you are an adult, responsible borrowing or loans.

Mr Petts will have forms as your parent/carer has to sign and give permission. You can pay money in anytime and in school you can earn credit for your account if:

You comply with the mobile phone policy,

You comply with the smoke free policy,

Respect and achieve the 4 Bs.


This money is paid into your account and you can withdraw it at Christmas for example, with your parent/carers' permission. If it is a large amount, they may have to come and collect it with you.


See our news page for the great success of the autumn term savers! Well done to all 24 learners who have between £2 and £14 tucked away in their accounts!