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Ty Gwyn Education Centre is committed to providing a broad and balanced education to all pupils/learners and embraces the concept of equal opportunities for all.


We will provide an environment where all learners feel valued and welcomed and are committed to the fundamental principle that early intervention and partnership working is crucial in ensuring the attendance, progress, protection and wellbeing of all children.


The school will follow the All Wales Child Protection procedures and local protocols in relation to specific and identifiable wellbeing issues that prevent a child from accessing education, or where there are safeguarding concerns.


Our Additional Learning Needs Policy has been developed through a whole school approach to ensure that pupils with ALN are consistently identified and catered for appropriately.  In meeting these responsibilities, Ty Gwyn has due regard to the Education Act 1996, the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales 2004, the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and the Equality Act 2010, as well as the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25. 

We aim to ensure that all staff, parents/carers and the Management Committee are aware of the current policy so that they can play an active part in its development as the preparation for the introduction of the new ALN legislation continues.


Should you have any concerns about your child's ALN, their progress or the provision at Ty Gwyn Education Centre, please contact our ALNCO:
Ms. Natalie Davies:

enlightened01685 652525


Article #23 the right to special educational  support 

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