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EOTAS, Alternative Learning and EHE

Education Other Than At School

Education Other Than At School (part of the provision offered by Ty Gwyn Education Centre) is the tuition service provided to learners not able to access school for a range of reasons, either in their home, a local community setting or the group tuition site at Ty Castan in Pontypridd. 

Applications to access the service are made to the Local Authority panel and are made by the learners' school or other Local Authority officers.

Where tuition is agreed, the Head of Alternative Learning oversees the arrangements, including the exit plan, with the learner and their family or carers.

The Head of Alternative Learning is Darren Williams, please ring 01685 652526 or email:


Learners who are Electively Home Educated (EHE) can also access dedicated support from the EHE Liaison Officer Maria Morris on 01443 408417 or

RCT Healthcare Needs Policy (see section 11 re EOTAS and Healthcare Needs)