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Curriculum at Ty Gwyn Education


The curriculum at Ty Gwyn strives to follow statutory requirements and the requirements of the National Curriculum, with appropriate adjustments and differentiation to meet the needs of the learners. 

It is balanced, broadly based and promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our learners and prepares our learners for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Learners are expected to acquire the full range of skills outlined in Curriculum 2008 documents as well as those in the Literacy Numeracy Framework (LNF) of 2013.

The Individual and Group Tuition Service provides English and Mathematics as a core offer to young people on individual tuition, with bespoke choices for additional subjects – available subjects include all National Curriculum subjects.  Group tuition provides core subjects and a bespoke education package for the remaining subjects.


Personal, Relationship and Social Education, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship education reflects the Centre's ethos which includes an emphasis upon community cohesion and the development of ethical and informed citizens. 


Religious education is provided for all learners. Parents/carers can request their child is withdrawn from this.


Appropriate careers guidance is provided, both by the Centre as part of PSE and by Careers Wales from Year 9 onwards.







KS3 Autumn Term


Tudor and Stuart Times 

In this topic students will travel back in time to find out about how the Tudors and Stuarts lived and how our lives have been shaped by their experiences. The Tudors and Stuarts ruled for 200 years during which huge changes occurred in religion and culture.  Students will learn about these changes and also about how science, medicine and technology developed. Through this topic, students will develop their skills in literacy and numeracy with opportunities to improve on their digital competence.  


Curriculum enrichment visits to: Llancaiach Fawr Manor, St Fagan's Museum


Celebrating Diversity

It is important for our students to appreciate that, in our communities there are similarities as well as differences between people of different race, religion, culture, ability or disability, gender, age or sexual orientation. We will be exploring topics such as migration, colonisation, the British Empire and multiculturalism and we will be identifying inspirational figures in order to celebrate diversity and promote respect and equality. Students will develop their global awareness alongside improving their literacy and numeracy skills. There will be also opportunities to work creatively using art and ICT.


Curriculum enrichment visits to: National Museum Cardiff, The Senedd, Cardiff Bay. 

Key Events: Black History Month (October), Armistice Day 11th November,  Diwali 14th November 2020, Advent 29th November and Bodhi Day 8th December.


KS3 Spring Term



World Biomes

In this topic students will learn about the 5 major world biomes and how these biomes have changed many times during the history of life on Earth. Students will consider the value of each biome and how human activities have drastically altered these communities. Students will investigate how and why environments change and the importance of sustainability.
We will look at the following biomes: aquatic, grassland, forest, desert and tundra.

Students will develop their communication skills across the curriculum through the skills of oracy, reading, writing and wider communication.  Students will also select, use and apply a variety of skills to communicate their geographical understanding, through maps, images and extended writing with suitable vocabulary. Students will also use their ICT skills to access the internet for information, including maps and satellite images.


Celebrating Welsh Culture

It is important for our students to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and learn about our own distinctive history and traditions. This topic contributes to the Curriculum Cymreig by making local and Welsh history a focus of the study and helping learners to understand the factors that have shaped Wales and other countries today. Students will also learn about inspirational people from Wales and their contribution to sport and the creative arts.

Students will develop their skills of oracy, reading and writing and wider communication skills through using a range of sources and communicating ideas, opinions, arguments and conclusions. There will be also opportunities to work creatively using art and ICT.

 KS3 Summer term


Summer Term 1 – Conspiracy Theories

This term we look forward to welcoming back our learners and will ensure that we encourage full participation in lessons and offer support for our young people through wellbeing sessions. In our Integrated Curriculum time we will learn about propaganda, secrets and conspiracy theories. We will aim to understand how information can be distorted and how truth can be mixed with half-truths and lies to make it appear to be correct. We will also learn to question and be critical, of information on the internet, especially from unreliable sources and know who to go to for help in clarifying an issue. We will ensure that our focus remains on improving standards of literacy and numeracy as well as ensuring safe and competent use of ICT in the classroom. 



Summer Term 2 – Global Citizenship

At Ty Gwyn we want to empower our students to make positive choices and take positive action. This term we will explore global citizenship, human rights and the shared responsibilities we all have to look after others, the environment and the world in which we live. We will explore the six areas of global citizenship: Environmental Stewardship, Human Rights, Gender Equity, Good Governance, Justice and Poverty Reduction.
Through our studies, we will continue to develop literacy, numeracy and digital skills and also keep in mind our commitment to work towards achieving the Rights Respecting Schools Silver Award. We will also seek to make the most of outdoor learning opportunities as there are so many benefits for student wellbeing. This term will also focus on option choices and transition arrangements for learners moving from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 in September.




Learners in KS4 (Y10 and 11) study a range of GCSE and vocational qualifications:


GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature (this may not be offered every year due to our small numbers)

GCSE History (this may not be offered every year due to our small numbers)

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Numeracy

GCSE Art and Design

GCSE Double Award Science 

Agored Cymru Level 2 PSE (Personal and Social Education)

WJEC Level 1 and 2 Hospitality and Catering

WJEC Level 1 and 2 Sport

WJEC Level 1 and 2 Construction

BTEC SWEET (Personal and Social education)

Level 1 and 2 Prince's Trust Awards

* this includes Entry Level qualifications where appropriate to a learner's needs and abilities