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Parent/Carer questionnaire, compliments and complaints

If you have a concern, compliment or complaint

In the first instance, please contact school and ask to speak to/make an appointment with your child's Form Tutor.

If you are not satisfied and wish to discuss the matter further, please speak to Mr Lewis, Deputy Head or Mrs Cox-Wall Head Teacher who will be pleased to help you. Ty Gwyn Education Centre has a three stage Complaints Policy, also on this page.

You can also contact the Chair of the Management Committee via email:

Please see the attached policy for full details should you wish to make a complaint.

Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Parent/Carer questionnaire feedback October 2020


Thanks to all the parents and carers who completed the questionnaire with Mr Petts via phone, if you didn't get a chance, please complete the questionnaire from the wesbite and return to school or use the “contact us” section to share your views.


The feedback was very positive:

  • 8/8 parents/carers felt their child was making progress at Ty Gwyn
  • 8/8 parents/carers felt their child was safe at Ty Gwyn
  • 8/8 parents/carers believe pupils try to behave well at Ty Gwyn
  • 7/8 parents/carers felt that their child was not bullied and 8/8 felt that if bullying or harassment took place, staff would deal with it
  • 8/8 parents/carers felt teaching and learning were good
  • 8/8 parents/carers felt staff had high expectations, pupils had good opportunities, the right equipment and books
  • 8/8 parents/carers felt if they shared problems with staff, they responded appropriately.

Feedback from the summer exam series 2021, our most successful results ever!


Just to inform you we received 🙂 results and how pleased we are and how well he has done. After entering his results we received formal notification today he was accepted to his level 3 BTEC course.

Thank you for help and support I am very proud of what he has achieved with his grades.

Some parent feedback from February 2021

(as part of a review of progress)


"He enjoys attending school and I have heard positive remarks about his progress which I am so pleased to hear as previously this has been difficult."

"He has been attending regularly."

"He has been doing all the work set for him."


A parent compliment from February 2021 

(via email, in response to a positive call and postcard home)


"I too am very proud, he has improved a great deal and is very focused on going to college which is fantastic and I am very appreciative and grateful to the hard work and support from the staff." 

A lovely parent compliment to the Form Family Tutor (March 2021):

Ty Gwyn has been amazing because they work with you and not against you and want the same for the pupils as their parents do”.

Mum of E Y11