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On line safety information and links

On-line safety is very important, parents/carers and school staff have a shared responsibility to safeguard and educate children and young people about using the internet and associated social media safely. 

Ty Gwyn Education Centre has a clear policy about how staff, children and volunteers should safely use the internet and social media, this includes Acceptable Use Agreements.

Ty Gwyn is continuing the mobile phone ban and feedback on this for the last 2 terms has been very positive with no on line bullying or internet related incidents during this period. 

Safer Internet Day 2023!

Ending physical punishment March 2022

A warning re a new app “Monkey”

We have been notified of a dangerous website and app aimed at children, the app "Monkey", which is billed as a cross between Omegle and TikTok. There are some concerns over the nature of this app and how it might be used to exploit children, it allows users to have video calls with strangers. The platform markets itself as 'an alternative to Omegle, with a TikTok vibe''.  A review of the platform has found that it contains large amounts of inappropriate, disturbing, and harmful content transmitted via web cameras.


Please find link to the full warning about the Monkey app:

Good digital parenting leaflet

Acceptable User Agreements

Snapchat checklist - keep yourself safe!

Facebook checklist - keep yourself safe!

Instagram checklist - keep yourselves safe!