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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted in school

Senior staff at Ty Gwyn held a trial mobile phone ban, parents and carers have been very supportive of this during our conversations in the period of school closure. This is also supported by the Management Committee of Ty Gwyn.

The reasoning behind this is to improve focus on learning, to reduce misuse of phones during the day (in lessons and to access unsuitable material) and to ensure these expensive items are not lost or damaged during the day.

We understand some pupils may occasionally need, for a specific reason, to bring a phone to school (perhaps going to a relative's house after school), if this is the case, please ring/email school in advance. Your child will be expected to hand the phone in to senior staff, it will be boxed and retained safely until the end of the day. Should your child need to speak to you during the day for any reason, they will be allowed access to a school phone in privacy.

Should a pupil refuse to comply with this rule, we will contact you to discuss how we can move forward. Thank you for your support. 

This poster is displayed throughout school.