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Family Engagement and Support

The Family Engagement Officer post is not yet filled, details will be here as soon as possible. They are contactable at school and also have a dedicated phone line to speak to parents and carers about the following aspects of school and pupil wellbeing:

  • regular attendance at school
  • sharing information with you about your child's progress
  • sharing information about school events
  • signposting to services and information
  • supporting you to participate in school events and share your feedback so we can improve
  • Ring or text: 01685 652525/07706 656 926 email:

As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School we join in activities with families and friends of Ty Gwyn to raise funds for others who are in need. Thank you for all your generous donations and gifts! 



Macmillan Coffee Morning £145


Children in Need £100


Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day £127.95

Supporting Children with Anxiety

Supporting Children with Anxiety Workshop 15th December 2022


5 families attended our workshop and enjoyed a useful and positive session with our Family Engagement Officer Damian.


Feedback was positive:

  • All felt that Damian's knowledge was useful
  • All felt that questions were answered effectively
  • All felt they would recommend the workshop to other parents and carers who may need it
  • All felt there was useful information they could use to support their child 
  • A suggestion was made for a similar workshop on next steps in terms of careers and jobs.


Thanks to everyone who attended and to Damian for organising.