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“Believing in young people/Credu mewn pobl ifanc”.

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Information for new starters at Ty Gwyn

Welcome to Ty Gwyn, we look forward to you joining us!

What do we do at Ty Gwyn Education Centre?

We have 4 school values:

Be engaged

Be responsible

Be respectful 

Be safe


To help you be engaged in learning and responsible for your progress, Ty Gwyn staff will help and support you in these ways:

  • Our classes are small (usually no more than 6) and there are always staff to listen
  • All Ty Gwyn learners access reading and numeracy support via learning apps
  • All teachers will help you develop your literacy, numeracy and digital skills in their curriculum area
  • All teachers will help you develop your Welsh language skills
  • All teachers will help you prepare for the world of work
  • All teachers will help you develop personally, socially and emotionally in their curriculum areas, this includes personal relationships, values and ethics and rights respecting education
  • Learners in KS3 access the Curriculum for Wales Areas of Learning Experience:

Language, Literacy and Communication

Health and Wellbeing

Expressive Arts


Mathematics and Numeracy

Science and Technology

  • All learners are members of School Council and can attend when the want to
  • All learners can join the Criw Cymraeg and the Eco-Council
  • All learners are in a “form family” named after a Welsh icon and in a school house
  • All learners have a one-page profile they have worked on with their form family tutor
  • All learners can gain GCSEs, Agored Cymru and vocational qualifications. These are in Art, English, Science, Maths and Numeracy, PSE, Construction, Sport and Catering (as options)
  • All learners have access to careers advice, college visits and visits and experiences with employers
  • All learners access rewarding and enriching experiences in all aspects of learning


To help you be respectful to yourself and others and remain safe in Ty Gwyn, staff will support you in these ways:

  • All learners can access help and support in the day, all adults are emotionally available to all learners. You can access:

Corridor triage for a quick check in

ELSA sessions

Class wellbeing lessons

Time in Learning Recovery, Hafan or the Reflection space to regulate

A phone call to a family member on a school phone (we are a no phone school)

Eye2Eye counsellor (weekly)

Specialist help such as Barod or the Youth Service if you need it

  • All learners have a “Be your Best booklet” and gain points for being engaged, responsible, respectful and safe, these are reviewed in Form Family Time
  • Form Family time is at the beginning and end of the day where we reflect on events and look at the positives and how to repair negatives
  • If you have lost too many points over the week you will be invited to Friday reflection after lunch.
  • Full or nearly full points are shared and celebrated in the weekly Friday assembly
  • All learners access Friday rewards, if you have Reflection time, you will miss the first 10 minutes of this.
  • Ty Gwyn tries to resolve worries or issues early, if a situation becomes unsafe, we try to avoid exclusion and offer a Reflection Day
  • Learners access the sensory room on a planned basis
  • All learners have access to support from professional agencies such as AWS, YOS, YEPS, School Nurse and many others on a needs basis. 


There is a lot of information on this website, have a look at the "Food and clothing" page to see the lunch menu for example. If there is something you can't see, email us and ask below!


Got a question about Ty Gwyn?

When you are starting a new school, you may have questions or wonder what happens if... Ask us anything here (polite questions only) and we will respond!

Ty Gwyn is a Rights Respecting School, our mascot is Robin Gwyn and when you see him, a right is being upheld!

Can you complete these activities?!

Ty Gwyn doesn't have a uniform but these items are available to order from Howells Sports 01443 433335 or