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“Believing in young people/Credu mewn pobl ifanc”.

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Information for new starters at Ty Gwyn

Welcome to Ty Gwyn, we look forward to you joining us!

There is a lot of information on this website, have a look at the "Food and clothing" page to see the lunch menu for example. If there is something you can't see, email us and ask below!


Got a question about Ty Gwyn?

When you are starting a new school, you may have questions or wonder what happens if... Ask us anything here (polite questions only) and we will respond!

Ty Gwyn is a Rights Respecting School, our mascot is Robin Gwyn and when you see him, a right is being upheld!

Can you complete these activities?!

Ty Gwyn doesn't have a uniform but these items are available to order from Howells Sports 01443 433335 or