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KS3 pupils

Pupils in KS3 (Y7, 8 and 9) do not usually sit exams. However, pupils are required to sit annual government tests every April (though this was suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 school closure). 

You will be informed of the dates of these tests and they are held in classrooms during the regular school day.

KS4 pupils

Pupils in KS4 (Y10 and 11) are usually entered for a range of external exams. Most of these exams are GCSEs offered by the WJEC exam board for Wales. Ty Gwyn also uses Agored Cymru and Portal BTECs re vocational courses which may or may not have exams.

Pupils will always be prepared for exams, the dates and arrangements will be shared with you in good time.

Please check the provisional timetable below, prior to booking any events or holiday periods, thank you.

GCSEs 2021

As you will know from our letters and news channels, there will be no GCSE exams this year.


GCSEs will be awarded on the basis of "Centre Determined Grades" which will be based on a range of evidence, gathered by teachers, to provisionally award a grade in each subject by June. There will then be a period of consultation, prior to grades being finalised in July. 

Each Y11 learner will have an individual Assessment Plan sent home shortly, with details of the work they must now complete, including tasks and work in school, work on Google classroom and past exam papers and assessments. 

Please ensure your child attends on the required days, we have made individual arrangements to focus the learners in very small groups with dedicated teaching staff to make the most of the short time left. If he or she doesn't attend, there is a very real risk that your child might not achieve the grade they could or a grade at all.


Please try to support the planned days and tasks or completion of work.