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“A book is a kind of portable magic” Stephen King

World Book Day 2022


Like lots of schools Ty Gwyn celebrated World Book Day today. Why is it important? 
Reading is a life skill 📚 

Reading is necessary 📚 

Reading is escape, adventure, dreams and fun 📚 

We undertook lots of activities and focussed on the books that we have enjoyed, staff and learners alike, from the BFG to 1984! 
All learners had a book and some treats to take home. 
As the world faces a very uncertain time, lots of children and young people are being displaced and may not be able to access any of their possessions, including their books.
Treasure what you have 📚 

Article #2 all children have the rights within the UNCRC, rich or poor, including refugees.

Article #28 the right to an education, to the highest level you can. 

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