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Closure of Maerdy Mountain Road

RCT have advised that the Maerdy Mountain Road will be closed from 4th July until early September. 
The alternative route will add to journey times for children and young people on school transport and those visiting Ty Gwyn, so please bear this mind when preparing your child for school and at the end of the day. 
Many thanks. 

Please see below full information from RCT’s website regarding this essential work: 


Where and when is the work/road closure taking place?

The A4233 Maerdy Mountain Road will close between Graig Place in Aberdare and Station Road in Maerdy from Monday, July 4, to Monday, September 5. The work location is at the hillside near the hairpins on the Aberdare side of the route. An alternative route for motorists is via the A4233, A4058 to Pontypridd, A470 and A4059 to Aberdare – or this route in reverse order. These will be clearly signposted.

What work is being carried out this summer?

This is part of the ongoing effort to mitigate structural issues on the mountainside, exacerbated by unprecedented weather in Storm Dennis, and other subsequent weather events which happen each winter. This summer’s work programme will rectify significant scour damage to the hillside at the hairpins on the Aberdare side of the route. It will include anchoring the slope below the highway as well as installing a surface retaining structure. The vehicle barrier at the side of the road will need to be removed for this work, with specialist systems to access the slope being utilised. 

Why does the road need to close?

The characteristics of the road and topography of the mountain route present difficulty in minimising disruption. Another key consideration is the safety of both the workforce and motorists. Unfortunately, the road is too narrow to safely maintain live moving traffic while the work is ongoing. With the vehicle barrier also being removed to enable the work, it would be unsafe for vehicles to travel on this section of the route. Work is being carried out this summer when the road is likely to be less busy during peak travel periods, while disruption to home to school transport is avoided. 

Why can’t the work take place at night?

The work cannot be carried out overnight due to very difficult access conditions at the exposed and elevated site location. Other key considerations include the safety of the workforce, and that the specialist nature of the scheme which would make it very difficult to make sufficient progress if the work took place at night. 

Are local bus services affected by the closure?

The Council is currently finalising its alternative bus arrangements for the work period – and will communicate these to residents when they are confirmed. This section of the Frequently Asked Questions will be updated with the information. 

Why are works carried out more frequently on this road than others?

Our steep mountain roads are in a constant battle for survival against the elements, and Storm Dennis provided a stark reminder of the difficulties roads such as the A4233 on Maerdy Mountainmust endure. If it wasn’t for the Council’s significant maintenance of the route in recent years, the nature of the damage sustained in Storm Dennis would have closed the road indefinitely. To avoid an incident in the future that could cause a long-term closure, phases of work to stabilise the hillside and protect the road will need to happen over several years. While repair or maintenance works are disruptive for a period of time, they are also the difference between the road being available and open into the future or not.

The Council would like to reiterate its thanks to residents for their continued patience and cooperation during the upcoming works at the Maerdy Mountain Route.