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School Council

All learners at Ty Gwyn are members of School and Council and are able to attend meetings, usually held every half term. 

What is the School Council and what can it do?


At Ty Gwyn, the School Council is focused on various tasks that will provide the best educational environment for all pupils and staff. As a Rights Respecting School, pupil voice and action is an important priority in the development of Ty Gwyn Education Centre.


The main purpose of the School Council is to provide an official channel for pupils to express their opinions, share their requests and get a chance to make decisions regarding their education.


School Council discusses a wide range of topics, including improvements to the environment, new equipment, reward and enrichment ideas. Safeguarding (On-line safety) and Rights Respecting Schools are standing agenda items.


The communication between pupils, staff and the Management Committee will improve aspects of school life and provide opportunities for all to take part in the educational and social life of Ty Gwyn.


Minutes of meetings are shared with Senior Leadership Team and their responses are displayed on the "you said we listened" notice board in the main corridor. They are also shared with parents and carers via the half termly newsletter.


Minutes and "you said, we listened" can be found here.


You said...we listened!

  • Leavers' Hoodies are on order
  • A Jubilee Party is planned for the week before half term
  • An end of year visit is planned, Oakwood is being looked at, this may not be possible!

School Council Minutes 2021-22

You said...we listened!


  • Park visits will resume when there is better weather - after Easter!

School Council Minutes 2021-22

School Council minutes 2021-22

School Council Minutes 2020-21

School Council Minutes 2020-21

School Council Minutes 2020-21

School Council minutes 2020-21

School Council minutes 2020-21

School Council minutes 2020-21

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School Council meeting with Catering team today!

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