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“Believing in young people/Credu mewn pobl ifanc”.

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I Wish My Teacher Knew

Anti-Bullying week activities In Ty Gwyn

Every child has the right to be free from harm and violence (article 19 of the UNCRC), Ty Gwyn learners are taking part in an assembly (in classes due to COVID-19) to understand the theme of this year "united we stand".

Please see:


Tuesday is Odd Socks Day for staff and pupils - we are all different but united! We want everyone to show their support for this important message in mis-matched and crazy socks!


We are also launching "I wish my teacher knew" in school and on the website to ensure all learners can access help or support in confidence (in school time) by using one of the two boxes in school to drop a slip into or the "I wish my teacher knew" button on the website. A member of staff will respond during school time and if outside school hours, there are safe and confidential services signposted. 


RCT YEPs are also offering virtual activities for all children and young people this week:

16th November Virtual Youth Club 5-6pm: email

16th November YEPs Instagram poll live for 24h follow @YEPSRCT

All week YEPS TV, follow on insta/facebook or email Kelly

All week Chill and Chat (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri) 8-9pm on zoom: