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Autumn term Newsletter is on its way!

Autumn Term Newsletter

It’s been a busy term, lots of learning and some challenges too with the virus causing lots of absence and worry for both staff and families. We have carried on working towards our qualifications in KS4, some of the non-exam assessments are due already, thankyou to the subject specialist staff guiding and supporting the learners through these!
KS3 have settled in well and are used to Ty Gwyn, for our Y7s it’s their first experience of secondary school and well done to all our staff for making them feel part of school so quickly. 
We have continued with our sports events, charity fundraising and held a series of thoughtful events to make Remembrance Day that we were pleased to share with Councillor Webber of RCT council.

We were also visited by Estyn for three days and will be able to release the information from their visit very soon! 
Last day of term is 17th December and don’t forget Ty Gwyn is closed for INSET on the 10th.