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I Wish My Teacher Knew

Bon Voyage Mr Jarman!

We share with you all, our very much respected and liked Maths teacher Mr Dafydd Jarman has today retired! 
After teaching for over 20 years and 10 of those in Tai Centre and Ty Gwyn in it’s old location and now on the Aberdare site, Mr Jarman has handed in his protractor, compass and ruler and decided to travel. 
He will be teaching supply for a few months while the current virus issues continue and will then complete his tour of every state in America, he has 15 left to visit! He has promised us a video diary and we will share that on the website. 
We wish him every happiness and safe travels and thank him for his years of devoted teaching, inspiring and leading children and young people to finally “getting” Maths! 
In typical Mr Jarman style, he also insisted that some of his collection be donated as food hampers to the local church. 
Our very best wishes,

Mrs Cox-Wall, Mr Silezin (Chair of the Management Committee), all staff and learners at Ty Gwyn. Bon Voyage and Teithiau Diogel!