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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

We were extremely fortunate today to welcome the Chair of the Management Committee, Mr Martyn Silezin, to school to talk to us about Holocaust Memorial Day.

Mr Silezin spoke to a small group of KS3 pupils (at a social distance) about the life of his Father, now passed away, who had fled religious persecution in Poland during the rise of Nazi Germany.

Hearing the story, almost first hand and seeing some photographs was very moving. Our pupils are very aware of their rights under the UNCRC and know that they have the right to follow their own religion, but not every child in every country has that right upheld, even decades after WWll.

The group lit a candle to support the theme "be the light" and responded very thoughtfully and with sensitivity.

Thankyou to Mr Silezin and our very sensible pupils, a postcard home has been sent to each parent or carer to recognise their positive and mature response.