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Letter from the Director of Education re returning in January 2021

Please note, Ty Gwyn is closed to pupils Monday 4th January and Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Ty Gwyn is open to all learners on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Transport is in place.

Larger schools will be phasing pupils in over the first week, should there be any change to the circumstances in Ty Gwyn, we will contact you immediately.

If your child has any symptoms or you have been advised by TTP to isolate, please contact school and do not attend. 

We have been asked to share this letter with you but please be aware Ty Gwyn will be open to all from 6th January.


Dear Parent/Carer,
With transmission levels continuing to increase across Wales, and uncertainty over the potential impact on school staffing levels over the Christmas break, I am writing to advise you that there is a need to build some flexibility into the start of spring term arrangements.
Schools will be closed to learners on the 4th and 5th of January, when there will be an opportunity to assess staffing levels and plan for the transition of learners back into school. All schools will plan to get priority learners back to school from the 6th onwards, with the expectation that all schools will be providing face to face learning for the majority of their pupils by 11th January, leading to a full return in the days before 18th January at the latest.
Where a school has moved to remote learning because of exceptional and specific local circumstances, schools will be expected to make special arrangements for vulnerable learners
and the children of critical workers to attend.
In these circumstances, vulnerable learner provision will be made in all schools for high priority children:
 that have additional learning needs;
 are looked after;
 are young carers;
 are in need of care and support; or
 with child protection needs.
Critical worker provision for will only be made available in primary schools, special schools or PRUs when a setting is not open to all year groups. Your child’s school will notify you on Monday the 4th if this offer is available to the following eligible workers:
 Blue light workers, including NHS, Police, Ambulance and Fire Service staff;
 Healthcare workers; and
 Childcare or education staff

The plan to return to schools in January will give some certainty, whilst also allowing for flexibility to take account of local circumstances. These measures are required to protect our children, staff and communities and to ensure that we minimise disruption to our children’s education.
Teachers, school staff, learners, parents and carers’ response has been remarkable throughout this pandemic and I thank you for your continued patience and support.
Best wishes for safe Christmas.
Yours sincerely,

Gaynor Davies
Director of Education and Inclusion Services