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Letter to parents and carers re the planned industrial action by the NEU

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you may be aware, the National Education Union (NEU) has announced four days of intended industrial action. The proposed industrial action dates are as follows:

• Wednesday 1st February 2023

• Tuesday 14th February 2023

• Wednesday 15th March 2023

• Thursday 16th March 2023

The decision regarding whether your child’s school will remain open on these dates will be made by your child’s school, based on the school’s individual context and risk assessments. Your child’s school will aim to let you know whether the school will be open at least three working days before each of these dates. Where schools have made a decision to close in advance of planned industrial action, pupils eligible for free schools (eFSM) meals will be provided with a packed lunch the day before. eFSM pupils attending school on the day of planned industrial action will receive a free school meal as normal unless the headteacher determines to close the school prior to lunchtime. In this case, a packed lunch will be made available to eFSM pupils in the morning to take home with them. Parents and carers are advised that home-to-school transport for eligible pupils will continue to run as normal (unless a school has determined to close prior to the day of planned industrial action). However, there is a risk that on the day of planned industrial action a school or a year group will be forced to close due to staff supervision levels, and parents/carers of younger pupils should make themselves or another responsible adult available during the morning of the day, to collect their child from their dedicated bus stop/pick-up point at short notice.

Schools are working closely with the local authority to minimise the disruption as far as possible, and we appreciate your support for all our staff and pupils. Your school will update you directly on local arrangements and will continue to provide updates as the situation develops. Kind regards,

Gaynor Davies

Director of Education and Inclusion Services