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New smoke free school grounds legislation has come into force 01.03.21

As well as being St David's Day, March 1st saw the introduction of new smoke free school grounds legislation. This means the Headteacher has to ensure that there is no smoking on school grounds:
  •  It will be an offence to smoke in school grounds
  • The manager or person responsible for the school grounds must take reasonable steps to stop smoking there
  • Displaying ‘No smoking’ signs will be required
  • The parts of the legislation that sets out the details are section 10 of the 2017 Act and regulations 10 and 12 of the 2020 Regulations. 


Children at Ty Gwyn are not permitted to smoke

Children who may try to smoke will be asked to stop and hand over the smoking material, if a child will not comply, a parent/carer will be called to support the situation.

Please do not allow your child to bring smoking materials to school, this includes vapes and e-cigarettes.

Children in Ty Gwyn have been made aware of this and discuss the issue in School Council.