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Return to school for Y9 and Y10

Dear parent/carer, if your child has not been attending school, a letter will be delivered (Wednesday 10th March) with an invitation to return to school on the following days:


Y9 Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th March
Monday and Tuesday 22nd and 23rd March


Y10 Wednesday and Thursday 17th and 18th March

Wednesday and Thursday 24th and 25th March


The days will be a mixture of classroom work, well-being activities and project activities.

Please remember mobile phones are not allowed in school and usual standards of behaviour and effort are expected. 

If you would like your child to return, please contact school by the end of Thursday 11th March or transport will not be arranged. We may also contact you by phone to check if you are joining us. 


Hope to see many more of you next week!