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Welcome back everyone!

It has been a long time since we closed as “school” and things have changed in all our daily lives. 
To support our learners, a gradual return is planned, as per the letters and texts sent to you over the last few weeks:

Y7, 8 and 9 learners return from 3rd September,

Y10 learners return on 7th and 9th September and fully from the 14th September,

Y11 learners return on 8th and 10th September and fully from the 14th September.

All learners will be asked to sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken (no contact) on entry.

We are trialling a mobile phone ban, please ensure one is not brought to school. Should a child or young person have a mobile phone, they will be asked and expected to hand it in for safe keeping for the day. 
Face coverings should be worn on school transport and in communal school areas. One washable covering will be provided.

I appreciate this is new and possibly daunting, we are working hard to keep everyone safe and the virus at bay. Social distancing and good hand hygiene also remain very high priority to reduce any spread.

If you are concerned, please ring or email and we will work with you to support this return to the new “normal”. 
Many Thanks.