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Returning to school from 15th March

Following on from the Government announcement about the return to school, we are sharing our plans here on the website and a letter from the Director of Education will follow. 

Y11 are currently attending in small groups to complete specified tasks/days and this will continue to facilitate further teaching, non examination assessments and evidence gathering for Centre Determined Grades. 
Y9 and 10 (who are not currently attending) will be requested to attend (by letter and text) for specified days from 15th March.

As Ty Gwyn has been open and continues to be so, with all Covid-19 precautions in place, many learners are already attending (from other year groups) and the request to attend applies to those who are learning at home and those who need to re-engage in learning! 

Many thanks for your support in these unusual times, any questions, please contact school and regularly check our website. 
Mrs Cox-Wall