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Safer Internet Day 2021

The 9th of February is Safer Internet Day and we will be having classroom assemblies and looking at the UNCRC RRS website and article 17 (the right to fair and honest information from the media including tv, newspapers, the internet and individual speech). This is very relevant at this time with so much mis-information swirling around about the pandemic, vaccines and world issues. 

This leaflet about being a good digital parent is in the parent section of our website dedicated to on-line safety:


7 tips for being a good digital parent


1. Talk With Your Kids. Talk early and often. Be open and direct. Stay calm.
2. Educate Yourself. Search online for anything you don’t understand. Try out the apps, games, and sites yourself. Explore FOSI’s parenting tips and resources
3. Use Parental Controls. Set content and time limits on your kids’ devices. Routinely check privacy settings on social media. Monitor your kids’ use and their screen time.
4. Set Ground Rules and enforce consequences. Discuss and sign a family safety agreement. Restrict where and when devices can be used. Remove tech privileges when rules are broken.
5. Friend and Follow but don’t stalk. Follow your kids on social media. Respect their online space and freedom. Don’t flood their accounts with comments.
6. Explore, Share, and Celebrate. Go online with your kids and
explore their digital world. Share your own online experiences. Learn from each other and have fun.
7. Be a Good Digital Role Model. Curb your own bad digital habits. Know when and where to unplug. Show your kids how to collaborate and be kind online.