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Ty Gwyn’s Act of Remembrance

On Wednesday 11th November at 11am, we will pause for a minute’s silence to reflect and remember all our family members, over the generations, who gave their lives, in courage and dedication to serve and protect our freedoms. 

Children and young people will also participate in other learning activities during this week. 
The Glamorgan Archives have detailed records of the the Aberdare boys and men who went to war, the school masters that were called up for service and those that came home to visit during WWl:

Mr Williams’ group has been called up. He has also handed over the Roll of Honour which had names of 84 old scholars of the school “who have answered their country’s call”. “EA 23/6 Aberdare Park Council Boy’s School record book

The accompanying picture shows the memorial plaque erected in their honour and now within the new Community School.