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“Believing in young people/Credu mewn pobl ifanc”.

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We are looking for a parent/carer representative for our governing body, are you interested?

February Newsletter!

Is on it's way today, apologies its a bit late :)


Articles on:

  • Safer Internet Day
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Children's Mental Health Week
  • Friends of Ty Gwyn parent and friend association


We are also looking for a parent/carer representative on our governing body (known as a Management Committee) to join our meetings 3 times a year. A voice from the parent/carer group is really important as your feedback is of great value and interest as Ty Gwyn develops and improves.

Please get in touch via phone (to school or Mr Petts) or the contact page of the website: 01685 652525 or 07706 656 926